Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

One month ago, while trudging through what The Weather Channel described as a “severe” rainstorm to deliver a ghost tour, just hours after having the outline of my chest tattoo done, I realized that I am kind of a badass.
Look at me, a year ago.  I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to live on my own.  I was decimated by sadness and afraid I would have to give it all up, retreat. I felt paralyzed by it – repulsive, untouchable, unloveable, forever marked by failure.

Well, that was a year ago.

I’m shaking in my shoes but I don’t let it show!  Appropriate, non?

The world should be very afraid of me.  I am dangerous.  I get what I want.  I work like a maniac, I endure pain, I don’t flinch away.  I get what I want.  That makes me pretty dangerous.

Sit up and take notice, world.  Because when I decide I want something, I go after it.  Look at me, living in my dream city, working a dream job (ghost tours) and strutting right up to strangers like it ain’t no thing.  The shy girl that used to be?  Clearly she ain’t no more.  This girl is 100% badass and don’t underestimate her.

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