Pick Only Three

Today’s prompt is to pick my top three worst traits.

Ignoring my insecurities which you already know about, and taking a positive tack on this (because it’s been a rough week, obvs), here are my top three worst traits:

I care too much

I obsess over the details and work myself into nervous frenzies trying to be perfect at every turn, to avoid failure or trespass, and do the most excellent job I possibly could.

I try to please everybody

I’m an ESFJ!  I will bend over backwards and forwards and any other direction to make someone else happy, even at the expense of my own comfort and desires.

I love everything

I will become weepingly sentimental over everything.  I am so moved, so easily, and so frequently.  I am a desperate romantic and bleeding heart.

I know these are like “job interview” faults.  But sometimes an asset becomes a detriment in life, and we must remember to keep even our best intentions in check.


3 responses to “Pick Only Three”

  1. I'm always trying to please people as well. I will even put people's happiness in front of my own just to please them.


    1. Dude, I'm a total ESFJ. I know what you mean.

  2. I can identify with each of these — I am similarly afflicted.

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