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Thanks to the Crazy, Tragic, Sometimes Magic Michael, I have learned about the Scintilla Project, with writing prompts.  I LOVE BEING PROMPTED.  Really, you only have to prompt me to do something and I’ll usually do it.

Which brings me to today’s prompt – a time when you were drunk before you were allowed to drink.  Being a “good” child, it occurred roughly a month before my 21st birthday.  I was at a friend’s house with the usual suspects – and the three of us were watching anime.  They had already turned 21, and had access to a fully stocked liquor cabinet.  I was just about to become of age, and had taken some aspirin for a headache.  Nevertheless, I was beseeched to join them in the drinking.  To ease my reservations, they promised to concoct me merely a shot consisting of 3/4 generic ginger ale, and 1/4 of Watermelon Pucker…which I sipped slowly over the duration of the first episode of Chobits, a trippy cartoon about sexy robots. 

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The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor of that room, with a pillow under my head and a blanket over me, my friends laughing and my dear friend’s uncle standing over me in bewilderment.  Apparently, I am such a lightweight that an aspirin and a few drops of drink will cause me to nap for a few hours.  They told me I was moaning names in my sleep and I believed them…we all had a good laugh but laughter turned to perilous fear when it dawned on me that I was due back home.

Rather than risk the back roads, I drove meticulously slowly down the main drag of town with the windows open and music blasting, trying to “maintain,” lest I be pulled over for “drunk driving.”

In retrospect, I was probably not even drunk, but merely very tired and a bit ill, when I added a tiny bit of alcohol to the mix.  However, I will always maintain that I “passed out drunk” for the first time on that floor under the influence of a thimble’s-full of girly drank.  So much for peer pressure.  I should just be gratefull that nobody tried to “reboot” me.

The Scintilla Project

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