A Star Is Born – or The Thing I’ll Keep Forever

One of the topics that came up in therapy for me was my fear of making decisions.  It’s easier to back down to a safe place and go with the flow than it is to strike out and take a chance, if that chance holds unknown circumstances. 

The story of my little star is that I went in to get a different tattoo.  The artist said she would have to charge me a minimum sitting fee, and was there any other tattoo I wanted?

What leapt into my mind was the notion I’d had as a teenager, when I noticed the dimple in my hand when I gave a thumbs up.  I thought, “That is so beautiful, someday I’ll put a star tattoo on that spot.”

When it came to life a week later, I was profoundly terrified and thrilled beyond words.  As Rachel etched him into me, I could barely feel pain.  It felt so right, and I loved it instantly.

My little star allows me to be vain.  It is a secret I share with myself.  It makes me glamorous, sexy, and a little bit dangerous.  But more than anything, it was a risk that made me happy.  And maybe this means I can take risks – big or small – and deal with the consequences as they arise.

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