A Peek At… Mura

Controversial statement in 3… 2… 1… Mura makes Brooklyn worthwhile. 

Sushi is a funny animal.  Sushi lovers know that if you have some “off” sushi, it will put you off sushi for a long time.  After you’re ready to come out of sushi hiding, go to Mura.  There has never been an occassion where the sushi here has been anything less than utterly perfect.  It’s so perfect, it looks like it couldn’t possibly be real!  Perfectly pink salmon with sumptuous ribbons of white dancing through it.  Playful fairy-like mushrooms in the miso soup.  And you know how the lettuce in the salad always arrives in bigger-than-a-mouthful chunks of awkward?  NEVER at Mura.

Sushi lovers also know that good sushi is expensive.  Not at Mura.  The lunch specials are so affordable, it’s almost criminal.  Definitely worth the trip all the way out to Park Slope.  See?  Brooklyn is worthwhile.  And so is Mura.

369 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11215

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