Always Bring Your Own Bags to Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has the greatest stuff.  Succulent baked tofu.  Delectable peanut butter salted caramel truffles.  And adorable hipster cashiers.

I stopped in there last week for some groceries and that’s it, I swear.  The cashier-director directed me towards a tall, lithe, curly-moppped cashier with glasses.  Swoon.

I placed my groceries on the register and pulled out my neon-yellow reusable shopping bag.

“Oh, you brought your own bag!”  the cashier cutie mused. 

Seeing this as an opportunity, I launched into my flirtation.

“Oh yeah.  Reuse a bag, save a tree!  I love trees!  They give us oxygen and slapstick comedy.”

“Alright, total is $12.96.  Swipe your card now if you please…”

“I think I shall, if I thank you…”  HEY!  I said I was flirting, I didn’t say I was good at it!

Or maybe I’m better than you think…

“Okay, can I get your name and phone number?”  the cashier casually crowed.


“Okay! Meghan, M-E-G-H-A-N, 555-555-5555…!”

“Great!”  my checkout hunk chirped.  “Now you’re entered into the Bring Your Own Bag raffle!”

“…Great!”  I grabbed my groceries, and headed out, awkwardly.

So I may have lost the guy….

….but word is still out on that raffle.

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  1. andy brienne says:

    Trader Joes needs to get its healthy delicious bum over to Utah. FIRST of all, those truffles sound amazing. Second of all, I ran out of 21 season salute, and you can eat it on anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    (For future use:)

    "Great!" my checkout hunk chirped. "Now you're entered into the Bring Your Own Bag raffle!"

    "Well you feel free to you use that number to call me sometime." *wink*

  3. hehehe so cute, I've never one the BYOB raffle, but I did pick up a TJs cashier once!

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