I Believe…

I Believe in Science.  I believe there is so much more to understand and so much more to discover.  I kinda believe one day we will unlock the key to superhuman abilities.

I Believe in Playing Devil’s Advocate.  In listening to people but always pushing them to examine the motives behind their thoughts and keep searching.  I believe no argument should ever go unquestioned.

I Believe in Opening your Heart to Joy, even if that means opening it to pain.  I believe a closed heart experiences nothing by staying guarded, even if that is the sensible thing to do.

I Believe New York City is the greatest place on Earth, even when it smells like garbage, people are rude, and nothing happens according to plan.  I believe I may love this place more than anything else on my life right now.

And lastly,
I Believe I look like a total retro babe in the above photo.
I Believe those boots were made for rawrrrrr.And most embarassingly,
at the time, I believed I was channeling Carole King from her Tapestry album cover:

Source: webalia.com via webalia on Pinterest
Please, nobody shatter that last belief.


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