Things That I Actually Believe Are Honestly Magical


I think magic is pretty cool. I’m talking MagicK, you know — Glamours, transfiguration, potions, enchantments. But believing in it? Phew. Belief is a tricky thing. I feel like belieftrue belief — is the thing that only shows itself when you’re tested. The thing you turn to in desperation, that’s a deeply held belief.


And then, no matter how silly or arbitrary, there are those sincerely held beliefs and superstitions that really come out. Belief is magical in and of itself, really: we’re just these weird electrical meat-sacks filled with fluid, but we invent stories that give our life meaning. That give us hope despite the fact that we are born to die, and everything that happens in between is random and out of our control. DARK! But in the face of brutal reality, I believe there is some magic. At least, in the following things:


Makeup is magical to me. When I need to pull myself together mentally, I put myself together facially, and by that I mean a full face of makeup. A full face of makeup for me is like, cleansed skin, sunscreen/moisturizer, eye cream, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, lipstick, and sometimes blush or highlighter. It’s not like, a 30-minute endeavor with primers and contouring, but it’s all of the aspects of makeup that bring me joy. It wakes me up and makes me feel ready for the world to feel the weight of lipstick on my lips!

Pink sweaters, as I have said, feel like a magical glamour. Pink sweaters feel cozier, somehow, than any other colored sweater.

I don’t drink tea very often, but when I do, it’s usually because I’m trying to create a specific mood. I may nuke my water in the microwave, but I still believe there’s something magic about the blooming of tea leaves into a flavorful potion!

I’ll light a plethora of colored candles for various purposes and intentions when I’m at home. I have gone through 3 green “money” candles.

The first sip of coffee in the morning takes me from feeling groggy and resentful, to feeling warm and grateful. If that isn’t a magic potion, I don’t know what is.

Cleaning, besides being a mood-booster, seems to magically transform my dark, cluttered small room into a cozy little haven. Transfiguration!

Soldering is one of my favorite tasks to do at work. Solid metal becomes liquid becomes solid again almost instantaneously? Once you get into a groove with solder, it’s incredibly satisfying to work with, and it allows electricity to flow! Of course that’s magic!

Everyone knows that chocolate is the cure for an encounter with a Dementor, so obviously, it’s magical. Chocolate raises endorphins. I fully endorse chocolate in all forms (especially cupcakes).

Pajamas are the most comforting, soothing things. It’s like wearing bedding around on your body. My pajama collection is vast and varied. Nothing beats the feeling of putting on pajamas!

I’ve been following the moon phases ever since one night at Burning Man, when I watched the moon SET behind the mountains. I laid down in the dust, then I got my period. And I felt SO IN SYNC with the moon and the Earth and the universe, I’ve never forgotten it.

I have a pile of various crystals on my windowsill, where they can be cleansed and charged, and they’re all over my life: on my jacket, atop my tarot cards, on my purse. I carefully curate every day’s selection of crystals based on individual circumstances.

Teenage girls are magic to me. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like all of teenage girlhood is in league with one another to manifest and spread trends and memes. I remember my own teenage years as being very intense, and I stand in awe of everyone who identifies as a teenage girl.

The theme tunes for things that I love: Law & Order: SVU, Casefile True Crime Podcast, the ice cream truck. When I hear the music that reminds me of things that I love, I just wanna dance. Like a cobra to a snake-charmer’s music. Surely this is some kind of enchantment?

And finally, one of the most transformative experiences for me is taking a walk. Even if I just walk to the grocery store and back, a walk of more than two blocks feels like an outing. I’m not necessarily meditating, but close to it! Even if my ears are plugged into a podcast, I’m still paying attention to the things happening around me — new street art, smells of the neighborhood, etc. If I feel stuck in a rut, going for a walk will always break me out of it.


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