I Used To See Me On TV

Growing up pre-Internet in a small town where everything closed at 9pm save for the WAL*MART and the two local Denny’ses (pancakes and auto parts, yee haw!), television was my only link to the outside world.  Not to take all the credit away from my family, teachers and peers, but[…]

The Schedule Dream

DOES ANYONE ELSE still have The Schedule Dream? IN HIGH SCHOOL, a few weeks before the new year, you would receive a schedule with the list of all the class times, subjects, room numbers, and teachers that you would eventually commit to memory and attend in a daily manner. IF[…]

I Kilt You Not

This guy is not just a triple threat, he’s a quadruple threat – singing, dancing, harp-playing AND kilt-wearing. He played Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and I just about died. And then he danced a jubilant dance for us. Pure bliss!!

Bean Burrito Enchiladas Recipe

First of all, don’t say what I think you’re going to say:  “But, Meghan, I can’t cook!”  Stop.  Stop it.  I once burned water…IN THE MICROWAVE.  I’m not even sure that’s physically possible, but rest assured, it happened.  So if I’m telling you this is easy to cook, THIS IS[…]

All You Single Ladies!

Attention, “Females”! Don’t despair in being single and lonely!  Come to New York City, where “maybe romance” is just around the corner! Well-adjusted men with not just one, but TWO telephone numbers are waiting to meet YOU for “one nite stands” at such classy cultural establishments as “the library,” “bookstore,”[…]

Well Whaddaya Say, Pilgrim?

Here’s an awkward moment I’m pretty sure most normal humans don’t encounter at their “normal” jobs: When the John Wayne impersonator strides up to you, starts doling out etiquette lessons, draws a self-portrait, and asks what your favourite movie of his is. I like The Quiet Man.

Don’t Touch The Trees!

I love these trees!  Yesterday I had to photograph every. single. tree. that we saw around town.  You think a tree grows in Brooklyn?  You should see all the fancy trees we had in Manhattan!  It reminded me of a similar time when my love of trees almost resulted in[…]

Sweet Seasons

Happy First Day of Spring! (officially) And to all you others, a belated Happy Last Day You Can Rudely Point Out That It Isn’t Really Officially Spring Until March 20th. (that was yesterday) This winter has seen me a little blue.  I’ve had my ups and downs, but this past[…]

Why I Am The Coolest Person Evar

It’s a big, big world, and sometimes, it’s easy to feel rather small in it.  When you consider all the people out there who are wealthier, prettier, happier…and then there’s about 14 Kardashians who are all of the above and for no discernible reason. That is why it one must[…]


Beauty is difference. Without difference, there is no beauty, only “averageness.” – me

All Things Just Keep Getting Better

Source: Yahoo! TV I’ve previously expressed disgust towards televised “makeover” shows.  Concisely put, I think they are a tool of the shame industry to force individuals to conform to a bland, populist template of style.  Ouch! That said, I literally squealed with excitement when I discovered that Netflix Instant has[…]

Being Barbie

People give Barbie a lot of flack.  People say she is a bad role model for children.  People don’t typically have a sense of humor about things.  They like to say, “What if Barbie was a real person?” Source: seb098.blogspot.com via Allison on Pinterest Well, if Barbie was a real[…]


Perhaps I owe you guys a little explanation on the whole “stairs” thing that’s been showing up a lot lately… I really like stairs.  But I also hate stairs.  I hate climbing them!  I live in a four-story walk-up, remember? But the stairs find me in my dreams!  Most often[…]

Play Nice, Kids

Too funny to resist posting, this just happened to me: Sitting in the lobby of my bank, a punk teenager twitching and writhing in his seat and a yuppie on his iPhone. Teenager: (to self) …kick they asses… (to Yuppie). Mister? Mister? Mister! Yuppie: (rolls his head around to give[…]

New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden in… Staten Island?!?

Would you believe these pictures were taken…. …on Staten Island??? That’s right, chickens, the Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island plays host to The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden, a sensory overload of plants, architecture, and water features. When you visit botanic gardens in the winter, the good news[…]

Spring Fever

Spring is teasing us in New York! We’ve had the odd warm day, then cold weather comes back with a vengeance. The poor flowers are SO confused! But now it seems like it’s time – spring is in the air!  Time to open your windows and let the music, laughter[…]

Working for the Weekend

And now, in honor of my crazy work marathon coming to a marvelous end today, may I present some of my favourite photos people have drawn for me at work!

Things I’m Digging On Lately

I’m completely enamored of Sophie Blackall’s Arts for Transit project, Missed Connections on the New York subway.  I saw it on the F train on Thursday, and couldn’t decide who was my favourite!  The matchy-match suit guys, the scene kids in the left corner, or the balloon reading over someone’s[…]

A Peek At… Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum is located in Inwood.  Are you familiar with Inwood?  Count yourself lucky.  During our short stay, we were mildly sexually harassed, witnessed a man selling shrimp from the trunk of his car, learned of the new fad in butt-padded underwear, intervened in a fight a toddler was[…]

Reunited and it Feels So Good?

It’s coming up!  That day you plan outfits for all your life.  The time you look forward to since you’re a little girl in school.  The big day you plan to emerge from your chrysalis and take on the scene as a grown woman and all eyes will be on[…]