The Schedule Dream

DOES ANYONE ELSE still have The Schedule Dream?

IN HIGH SCHOOL, a few weeks before the new year, you would receive a schedule with the list of all the class times, subjects, room numbers, and teachers that you would eventually commit to memory and attend in a daily manner.

IF YOU LOST your schedule, you had to go to the office, swallow your pride and plead mea culpa to a committee of unsympathetic secretaries, and hope that they could provide you with some direction.

I ALWAYS DREAM of finding myself in the hallway, aimless, corridor stretching before me in all directions.  Limitless doors, options, choices: millions of wrong ones, only one right answer.  And me without my schedule.

GUESS I BETTER head down to the office again.

curse that the hand could never fit a whole day…

3 responses to “The Schedule Dream”

  1. OMG, YES I have this dream and it even takes place in a warped version of my high school except I'm my current self surrounded by all these little bratty teenagers. It's not a dream…it's a nightmare.

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