Fast Times at Morris-Jumel Mansion

If you love history and scandal, one New York attraction you won’t want to miss is the Morris-Jumel Mansion.  It’s the oldest surviving house on the island, overlooking the East River at 161st Street. Fans of Downton Abbey will swoon at the beautiful decor and elaborate costumes.  Lovers of true-life[…]

It’s Up To You

Let me tell you a story. A long time ago, I met a New Yorker who swore up and down that it was illegal to sing “New York, New York” within the boundaries of Manhattan.  I thought they were crazy. I was a starry-eyed young wisp of a thing who[…]

Weekend Brunch, Awkward Edition

“Hey dude!  Sorry I’m late, man.  How are you?” “Oh, not so good, man.  She left me, dude.” “What?  Dude, no way.  Man, that’s BULL.” “Duuuuuude….too soon.”

Socrates Sculpture Park

Overlooking the Manhattan skyline from an unassuming waterfront property in Astoria is the Socrates Sculpture Park. Can you spot the turkey?

Dress Yourself

Question:  How old were you when you learned to dress yourself?  You probably don’t even remember, because you were so young!  I know I had a “Dressy Bessy” doll to teach me how to button buttons, snap snaps, lace laces, zipper zippers…uh…you get the idea.  Arms over the head, shirt[…]