Don’t Touch The Trees!

I love these trees!  Yesterday I had to photograph every. single. tree. that we saw around town.  You think a tree grows in Brooklyn?  You should see all the fancy trees we had in Manhattan!  It reminded me of a similar time when my love of trees almost resulted in violence…

~crazy flashback music!~

One lovely such Spring, a couple years ago, Eli and I were strolling along 5th Avenue, at the edge of the park, when I saw some beautiful trees like the ones above…and something came over me.  I had to cross the street to get a closer look.  Maybe take a picture.

We crossed at the intersection, my pupils like tiny tree blossoms, all excited to get up close.  I didn’t even see the uniformed doorman standing up against the building several feet away.  I leaned in, heart palpitating with excitement, when a voice boomed from behind me:


I jumped back in surprise, clutching my imaginary pearls, and turned to stare in incredulity at the owner of the voice behind me.

He forced a fake laugh, “HA HA HA HA,” like he was joking.

That dude was totally not joking.


Photo: trees in Grace Church courtyard.  Looked, but didn’t touch.


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