Perhaps I owe you guys a little explanation on the whole “stairs” thing that’s been showing up a lot lately…

I really like stairs.  But I also hate stairs.  I hate climbing them!  I live in a four-story walk-up, remember?

But the stairs find me in my dreams!  Most often in my nightmares.

Do you ever have dreams where you’re running down stairs and they turn into a slide?
Or trying to climb stairs and they suddenly become tiny, or too steep, or really tall?

Here’s the weirdest part:

When I’m falling asleep, often times I will wake up within a few minutes of drifting off, violently kicking my legs because I’ve dreamt that I’m falling down a very small flight of stairs – usually down from a porch or the subway.

Sometimes I’ll see a flight of stairs that will remind me of stairs that I’ve seen in a dream, and get a weird feeling.

Or I’ll just see a set of really fantastic stairs that remind me of a movie.

And that’s why I’ve been photographing and posting interesting stairs here & on Instagram (@meghansara)

Um, it’s good to have a hobby?

A staircase can really define a space, you know?
Source: via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest
Source: via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest
Source: via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest

For example.

And from Pinterest!

Do you love/fear/respect staircases as well?  Check out my Pinterest board of STAIRZ for more pictures and more bizarre opinions on the subject of stairs.  Do your dreams always have common themes or symbols?

And just for fun…

…now HOW could you not love stairs after that…????


4 responses to “Stairs”

  1. I grew up in a house with very steep basement stairs and they had no backings on them. I used to dream that I would walk down those stairs and something would grab me or I would leap from the top and then I'd fall, but the length to the bottom would become wretchedly long. Then I would wake up in my bed with that feeling of impact. I don't have those dreams so much any more but sometimes I wake up with the feeling like I've fallen.

    If you are walking up the steps it is a sign of good luck in your present endeavors, but if you are walking downstairs expect to meet with bad luck and setbacks." Many interpretations, but most indicate that dreaming of stairs means taking steps toward a goal…..

    1. Oh no! I'm usually falling or running DOWN stairs in my dreams! Yikes!


    To dream of stairs represents slowly doing something the hard way to progress in a situation.

    Going up stairs often represents improvement, achievement, or reaching higher levels of awareness and understanding. You are making progress emotionally, spiritually, or materially. If you have problems going up stairs it may symbolize trouble being unable to make progress in your life. Going up stairs may also symbolize a struggle or challenge you must endure to reach a higher level of understanding, success, or power.

    Going down stairs often represents emotional regression, or a situation that is getting worse. For example walking into your basement may symbolize regressing into darker aspects of your unconscious thoughts. Possibly a waking life situation is becoming more stressful or unpleasant to deal with. Walking down stairs may also symbolize the easing of conditions as a challenge or struggle ends. You may be slowly dealing with challenges to reach a bigger problem.

    To dream that you walk up or down the stairs of your home towards another floor symbolizes arriving in a new situation or emotional state. The stairs themselves in this case may not be as relevant as where it is you are going.

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