Takin’ It To The Seats

There is an epidemic of rudeness on the A train whereby people – hell, MEN – take up more than one seat by deliberately spreading their legs apart. This is just NOT OKAY.  Some of them may not be aware that they are doing it, while others…well, they must relish in being enormous jerks.  Like this space-wasting waste of space:

How easy would it be to kick him in the ‘nads?

Today, after work, I was so tired.  I wanted a seat so badly.  Too bad the only available seat was between two men who seemed to be having a contest as to whom could spread their legs wider to take said coveted seat.  What did I do?

I squeezed my wide rear end right in between them.  Not a word, not a glance, just shimmied all up into that space.


The gentleman to my left seemed to be caught off guard.  He pulled his knee away from me, sat up straight, and kept glancing over towards me guiltily, as though he didn’t mean to be a moron, just that he’s big and scary and nobody ever called him on it before.

The dude to my right acted like a toddler.  Digging his elbow into my side while he played video games, singing along to the music on his iPhone (which was some rap song about a bird that can’t fly because the sky is too high, or some such juvenile nonsense) so loudly that I could hear him over my own music, at close to top volume. 

So rudeness:  infinity, Meghan: 1, for once.

Next time, I think I should sing along to MY music, to give them a taste of their own medicine.  How far do you think I can push my righteous revenge before I get stabbed or shot or molested (again)?

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  1. ahaha i love this post. this is seriously the story of my life! i do the same thing, squeeze myself into a seat whether they like it or not! honestly, they should be giving up there seats for lovely young ladies like ourselves. (:

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