Sunsets in Central Park

My favourite type of day is a rainy day. My favourite time of day is dusk. When their forces combine, something enchanting and truly beautiful happens:

I love how proud these bears look!
Every bridge in Central Park is so unique and beautiful!
Our adventure awaits
To the west
To the east
To Wonderland (Alice statue)
Hans Christian Anderson
The light is starting to leave us…
The sky, after the rain.  I think it’s brownish/grayish/purple!

I think wet pavement under street lights is probably the most romantic thing ever.

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  1. The opening sentence of your blog was absolutely beautiful. I want to steal it and write it on my wall.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Lauren says:

    I like pictures of rainy days, but I don't like to be there for rainy days. I can't stand my hair getting wet.

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