Broadway Beats the Blues

Petula Clark once said “when you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go…downtown.”  I’ve also heard them say the neon lights are bright on Broadway.  So I hit the pavement in search of adventure to shake the funk I’ve been in lately.

See?  This is the pavement I hit-ed.

I feel like so much of my time is spent trying to make people like me.  As a salesperson, I try to make customers like you to buy my product, or at least, to make my day tolerable.  As an actor, I have to make someone fall in love with me based on a picture and a paragraph.  And as a blogger, I feel like I’m always struggling to get people to like me:  more followers, more comments, more hits, blah blah blah.  Always putting myself out there, waving to tourists, smiling at babies, emailing off my resume, and pouring my heart out over the internet.  And never being happy with the results.

So after a few days of wallowing at home, I had an urge to get out of the house, and a peculiar yen to walk down Broadway.  Broadway kind of sucks.  It’s like a touristy afterthought:  There are some nice places, but the majority of it is empty or going-out-of-business stores.  There are some billboards, the backs of some theatres, not really a lot going on. 

“Broadway is like me,” I thought.  Stuck between all the great avenues of Manhattan, trying it’s best to shine, making attempts and failing, but every now and then, it hits on something wonderful.  Union Square!  Madison Square!  Herald Square!  Columbus Circle!  And of course…

Times Square.  Broadway is necessary, it is important.  And from 47th – 42nd and 35th-33rd Streets, it lets tourists walk all over it.  Like me!

Broadway also happens to naturally gravitate towards Forever 21…as do I, when I’m feeling down…

MAC store, Disney Store, *gasp!* Forever 21!

Yellow is a good antidote to the blues…(and the mean reds, in case you ever get those, too).

Sometimes all it takes is stomping it out to “Bennie and the Jets” pounding in your headphones to put a new spin on things.  Like Broadway, it doesn’t really matter if everyone likes me.  I like me. 

And I like these yellow pants.  Don’t they make my legs look like Hi-Liters???

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    • Thank you! Thank you for that.

      I'm sorry for making you jealous! You did see the gross concrete shot, right? Just kidding, I wouldn't want any other streets myself!

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