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  • The Good Shit

    The Good Shit

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something because someone on a blog told you it was awesome.  I’m raising at least three hands right now. The way I see it, bloggy friends are like girl-friends.  If you found out about something that was awesome, you’d tell me, right?  No secrets between girl-friends!  Well, these…

  • Ten Things That Make Me Happy

    Ten Things That Make Me Happy

    1. Candles 2. Walking 3. Adrenaline 4. Coffee 5. Ugly dogs 6. Putting makeup on in the morning 7. Scrubbing my makeup off at night 8. Falling asleep to music 9. Singing along 10. New York City

  • Think Pink

    Think Pink

    I have already come out of the My Little Pony closet, but today I reach a little further in to bring out something a bit embarassing – the love I have for Pinkie Pie. Look at them crazy eyes.  That there’s True Love. If you’re familiar with the show, you’ll understand when I say that…

  • My Ugly Truth

    My Ugly Truth

    Beauty = constant perfection (?) A man at work joked about that “awkward situation” when you wake up next to a girl you’ve brought home from a club and “her makeup is off and she don’t look right.” I was stunned into action. “I am that girl.” He stopped, and immediately began backpedaling. “No, you…

  • For the Love of Eyeliner

    For the Love of Eyeliner

    …and I usually wear even more than this on a daily basis. So, clearly, I love eyeliner.  And lately, perhaps too much!  I’ve been double-lining my eyes – two colours at once!  Sure, the compliments I get are nice, and I would never reveal that secret for profit (or would I?) and each of my…