The Good Shit

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something because someone on a blog told you it was awesome. 

I’m raising at least three hands right now.

The way I see it, bloggy friends are like girl-friends.  If you found out about something that was awesome, you’d tell me, right?  No secrets between girl-friends!  Well, these are some things I’ve discovered that rock my socks off that you should totally try.  Because I ran out and bought Biotin when you posted about it.  And that shampoo you said you loved.  And this is all the good shit that I can’t live without because it’s so amazing because I’ve tried it and it’s SO WORTH IT.

Skintimate Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin shaving lotion – I bought this because it was BOGO at Duane Reade and frankly, because the canister was purple.  Informed consumer.  But upon first use, I have forsworn that henceforth it shall be the ONLY shaving lotion I shall use.  It is so thick and rich and as soon as I used it, MY LEGS FELT SOFTER.  Markedly softer!  This really is amazing stuff.

Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen – everything I put on my face makes me break out.  Makeup, soap, my own fingers, everything.  It’s ridiculous.  I tried this with extreme trepidation but, as I scrape the bottom of the jar, I must admit this actually IMPROVED my skin!  I slather on a tiny amount at 6am, I’m outside all the time, and even after my five-mile walk home at 9pm I am sunburn-free and acne-free.  DAMN.  This shit’s made of magic and unicorn tears, or it must be, because it’s a damn miracle.

Maybelline NY Line Stilletto liquid liner and The Falsies mascara – I’ve been using these dudes for such a long time but they really deserve a mention.  How many compliments do I get every day on my eye makeup?  Oh, about as many times as I get asked how to get to Central Park (even when I’m IN Central Park).  That would be a lot, folks.  This liner is so easy to use, it’s 6am-no-sleep-2-cups-of-coffee-shaky-hands-proof.  And you won’t believe the lashes you’ll get from this mascara.  Sometimes I step back from the mirror, bat my eyes coyly at myself and think, “I’d do me.”  And I would.

Panda Black Licorice – First of all, go to their website.  IT’S SO FREAKING ADORABLE.  This is All-Natural, which must mean it’s made from real pandas!  And did you know that licorice is good for digestion, coughs, and wards off evil spirits?  Leave some on the stoop to get rid of the obnoxious all-night partyers, HA HA I KID BUT SERIOUSLY WTF.

No more secrets! Tried and true!  Are you guys as addicted to any of these as I am?  Or have you been secretly loving them for a long time now, keeping it a secret from us all!  CONFESS!


2 responses to “The Good Shit”

  1. I use that same face lotion! I have the same problems and this has been working like a dream.

    I've been buying the Panda Licorice from Trader Joes but I've never visited the website, SUPER CUTE!

  2. I'll have to try that clear face sunscreen. Everything I put on my face makes me break out too, to the extent that I have stopped wearing foundation and concealer altogether because they just make me break out worse.

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