Think Pink

I have already come out of the My Little Pony closet, but today I reach a little further in to bring out something a bit embarassing – the love I have for Pinkie Pie.

Look at them crazy eyes.  That there’s True Love.

If you’re familiar with the show, you’ll understand when I say that Pinkie Pie is my spirit animal.  If not, here’s a little background:


Whenever I feel my spirits failing, I imagine that high-pitched voice in my head, that unstoppable bounce, and I lighten up just enough to remember to laugh it off and stay pink.

Did I say pink?  I meant happy.  Stay happy.  Pinkie Pie makes me happy, and for that I love her.

And when I love something, truly love something, what do I do?  I paint my nails in homage, of course:

Stay pink, loves.

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