“Yes I’m Stubborn, Your Point Is?” aka, Why I Won’t Be Seeing Mamma Mia 2, And Haven’t Seen Mamma Mia 1, and My Top 20 Personal Favorite ABBA Songs To Boot


I used to vehemently deny that I was stubborn.

That’s how stubborn I was!


20. Arrival

19. Super Trooper

18. Lay All Your Love On Me


Man, things have gotten so much easier now that I’ve just embraced my stubbornness. I mean, of COURSE I’m stubborn! Look, I had braces and retainers for FIVE YEARS, and as soon as they came off, all my teeth went back crooked again. STUBBORN, to the roots of my teeth.


17.  Ring Ring

16. When I Kissed The Teacher

15. The Winner Takes It All


I’ve been an ABBA fan for almost as long as I’ve had teeth. I specifically remember being entranced very young, thanks to a Sesame Street skit involving bright neon Muppets dancing to “Take A Chance On Me.” I became an even more dedicated fan in middle school, when the VH1 show 8-Track Flashback re-introduced me to the band.


14. My Love, My Life

13. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

12. Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)


So yes, I am an ABBA fan, big-time. I’ve suffered through Muriel’s Wedding, for crying out loud! But listen: I am an ABBA fan on my own terms. And like I said, I’m stubborn! One of the things I am most stubborn about is that I hate covers.


11. Thank You For The Music

10. Fernando

9. That’s Me


Covers! You know, when someone who isn’t the original artist re-records a song and puts their own (barf) “personal spin” on it??? I HATE THAT. Even my bosses at work know to skip when a Beatles cover comes up on Pandora. I am very stubborn.


8. Angel Eyes

7. Take A Chance On Me

6. The Name of the Game


It follows that my loathing of covers extends to a burning hatred of “jukebox musicals.” NO, I haven’t seen Across The Universe! And no, I haven’t seen Mamma Mia! *ptooey* I spit in disdain! I don’t even care that Benny & Bjorn thought it was a good idea! It’s a betrayal!


5. Dancing Queen

4. Chiquitita

3. Does Your Mother Know


And that is why I, ABBA’s #1 fan, will not be seeing Mamma Mia: Here We Go And Make Meghan’s Head Explode Again. And why I cringe even just seeing the first one pop up in Netflix browsing. I don’t care if it’s good. I don’t care if it’s got CHER in it. I won’t I won’t I won’t! I am just that stubborn.


2. Why Did It Have To Be Me


This stubborn ABBA fan will not be seeing Mamma Mia 2. And this hill, I am prepared to die upon.


1.  Waterloo



image of ABBA via Wikimedia Commons

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