Nice Landing


After all the upheaval that was the past few months, I think you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve made a rather nice landing.



For example: my landings. Yes, on the landings in between floors of my building, people leave free stuff for everyone to sift through! Old furniture, clothes, dishes, and LOTS of books. Books, up for grabs! It’s a dream house!



And speaking of BOOKS, I noticed this little puppy on the corner outside my subway stop the other day. A micro-library. Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhoods always boast one of these, and THIS ONE is just too convenient for me! I can’t wait to participate in this little neighborhood book program!



And as you’ll see in warmer months, I’m surrounded by all this art and creative energy. When I get off my subway stop, it’s always in a group of young, well-dressed, hip folks having interesting conversations. I really identify with this girl I found on a brick wall on my walk to work because I, too, never saw myself here. I had this whole life, this whole idea of where I was and where I was going. I never imagined myself ending up here, and until I did, I doubt I would’ve believed it. But after settling in, I see myself here, and it makes sense! It’s like I’ve always been here. And though there’s been a lot of complaining that may indicate feelings to the contrary lo these past two months, a lot of soul-searching has led me to the improbable conclusion that I think I might actually be happier now than I was before. I didn’t see that coming, either.












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