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  • Of Leggings And Janties

    Of Leggings And Janties

      godDAMN, there is nothing I love more than petulant absurdity.   But I didn’t love THIS: Last month, believe it or not, a grown woman wrote an OpEd to the formerly-respected publication The Washington Post to beg — okay, sit down, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, because the second part of…

  • Can Men Wear Clothes?

    Can Men Wear Clothes?

      It started with the romper. Sorry, romphim. Men, are you ok?   Alright, I hate to say it, but #NotAllMen lost their minds when the romphim, which is a romper for men (?), started making headlines early this spring. Masculinity so fragile that you can wear a shirt, and you can wear shorts, but…