Good News! We Don’t Have To “Taco”-‘Bout It


So this week was very sad. I feel like a human blister: full of tears and ready to erupt at any moment. Trying to hold shit together is really really hard, but it’s a little easier every day.

Let’s be honest, pretty much all of my energy this week has been sapped just trying to go through the motions of everyday life without having an existential breakdown prompted by grief, so, I don’t have much nice to report. Except this.


Life goes on. My friends are having babies. Rachel the Bachelorette is finding love one episode at a time. I’ve found a black eyeliner pencil that can withstand sweating AND crying profusely (Rimmel ScandalEyes kohl pencil tbh).


On Monday, a post I’d written went up on OTV Magazine, about firsts. READ IT!


And this made me laugh. It’s a taco purse, with glitter. Which is fabulous.


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