GOOD NEWS! Mermaids DO Exist!

  Can you believe that’s the week, done and dusted? I’m finally starting to feel better from this cold and then WHAM!, I get this massive (painful!) zit on my upper lip under my nose. It’s the WORST. I have a derm appointment on Monday of next week, right after[…]

Good News! We Don’t Have To “Taco”-‘Bout It

  So this week was very sad. I feel like a human blister: full of tears and ready to erupt at any moment. Trying to hold shit together is really really hard, but it’s a little easier every day. Let’s be honest, pretty much all of my energy this week[…]

Good News! This Week Is Over!… Good News!

Can we somehow reach the Barenaked Ladies for comment on this past week? Because I would hope they’d say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to have happen in a week.” or something.   Hi! I’m back again with some good news, and let’s kick[…]