Good News! I Called Dog 911, And They Said It’s Not An Emergency

Dog 911 meme was started by Reverend Scott on Twitter.


What’s good, everybody? I think yellow blush is *VERY* good:

I’m very excited to try this look with some of my Buttercupcake eyeshadow from Sugarpill cosmetics! I’m so into blush and highlighter lately, it’s like a breath of fresh air on my face!


I just watched this video again and it still makes me laugh until I cry. You need the sound ON for this, or else it doesn’t work:


I have no idea what this is or what it means but it’s creepy and funny at the same time. Is this a normal sized parakeet and I’ve shrunk, or am I to believe that there exists a breed of HUMAN-SIZED PARAKEET in the woods somewhere? All of these things I ask myself as I laugh at this tweet:


I was introduced to Jacq The Stripper through a Nylon article and then I surfed through like her ENTIRE Instagram. And now, you will too.


And finally, my boyfriend showed this to me last night, and I knew it had to belong here:


Hope everyone had a good week! Despite some frigid weather, I had a lovely day out, cleaned my house, ran a bunch of errands, and now I have my tours to look forward to this weekend! If I survive these seasonal allergies, I’ll see you next week!


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