Is This The Greatest Yodel-Based Power Ballad In The History Of The World?



Wait, you wanted more than that?

Bring it on, bring it on, I’m a dreamer.


“Yodel It!”, the Romanian entry to the Eurovision song contest, is so good that it makes me forget that I’m an American, and my country is falling apart while Europe hosts a song contest.

“Yodel It!” reminds me of a dream I once had about standing at the top of a ladder to Heaven and singing a song with incredibly corny lyrics. Listening to it on repeat not only strokes a feeling of deja vu, but also satisfies a feeling of prophesy.

“Yodel It!” is so evocative, traditional, and modern, that I can almost smell it. It smells like musty afghans in a clean room, and palo santo cologne. It smells like a handsome hipster in his late 20s wafting through his Grandma’s home on a surprise visit, just because that’s the kind of grandson he is.



  • at 1:37 there is an attempt at coordinated choreography which consists of a high five, then slapping an imaginary ass they’re fucking, then pointing at the audience in unison. Then repeating. Notice Ilinca getting into position at 1:35, steadying herself on her tottering heels.
  • how does her dress’s neckline stay up?
  • at the 2:00 mark, the song’s bridge takes a turn for the dramatic and the lights change.
  • Alex Linea shows up at 2:20 to sing falsetto, which is a sexual experience
  • Ilinca busts out the Extreme Yodel at 2:35, taking us to the thrilling, stomping climax.


Are you not convinced that this is the greatest song on the planet? Fine. Then watch this same girl audition for the Romanian version of The Voice and tell me you’re not her most enthusiastic fan:


We could dwell on the injustice of “Yodel It!” losing the Eurovision song contest to Portugal’s entry, or interpret the loss as a symbol for all of the recent electoral follies that are the cause of the fall of our civilization looming on the horizon: Brexit. Tr*mp.


OR, as the world burns around us, we can lift our voices from chest register “AY” to falsetto “EE” and say:


Bring it on, bring it on, I’m a dreamer
if you don’t believe it come and see me I will teach ya


Just shout it, babyyyy

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