Is It Spring? Yes, It’s Spring! A Poem.

If the trees are sprouting leaves

And you’re wearing short sleeves

And the wine in your glass is rosé

If you’re delinquent on your taxes

You don’t even need to aks us

“Is it spring?”



   ?      ?      ?

If an asshole in a truck

Asks you “how much for a fuck?”

Cuz it’s your first outing sans parka all year

That means it’s SPRING, you ding-a-ling!

It’s time to do this damn thing!

Mutter “fuck you, jerk”

just quietly enough so he dont actually hear

   ?      ?      ?

To recap: Spring is now the season

so I can see no better reason

to wear a crown of flowers on your head

But if flowers get you sneezin

and the weather’s still a bit freezin’

You should stay in and watch Netflix in bed instead.

   ?      ?      ?

photo is from Spring 2013, but trust me, Spring happens every year

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