Wedding Presents for New York Couples

It’s wedding season!  Which means not only are you going to have to figure out what to wear to an “elegant laid-back formal BBQ” reception, you’re also going to have to bring A GIFT.  New York City couples are notoriously hard to shop for because they have everything they need already, and no room for anything else!  What wedding gifts can you buy for your New York Newlyweds that they’ll love and appreciate, til death do they part?

Matching Monthly MetroCards:  doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you know it’s something they’ll use!  This is a high-end gift that tells the couple you really thought about what they would need the most, and dropped almost $250 on something that will make their first month of matrimonial bliss a smooth ride.  Aww.

Reusable Bags:  if you’ve been following the local news, you’d know that, while the rest of America is screaming about the government taking away their guns, here in New York our government is actually taking away our plastic bags!  Starting in the fall, stories will charge 5 cents for each plastic bag, and that can add up.  Help the newlyweds to not argue over money matters by gifting them a set of reusable bags!  Set them up for a good financial future!

His & Hers or Hers & Hers or His & His Dr. Scholl’s Insoles:  fresh towels?  Nah.  Fresh insoles.  That’s what every New York couple truly needs.  Get their marriage off on the “right foot.”  Or the “left foot.”  Or two left feet.  Whichever.

Dimmer Switches for their Apartment:  because harsh, standard apartment overhead lighting causes 3% of all divorces every year. #facts

Gift Certificate to their Local Tattoo Studio:  so they can get each other’s initials tattooed on their left ring fingers instead of wedding bands, because the diamond industry is awful and exploitative — and this way you can support local artists!

A Year’s Subscription to Zipcar:  so they can FINALLY shop at the Whole Foods in Gowanus

A Framed Playbill from Hamilton: for display in their new home to give the appearance that they, at one time, went to a performance of Hamilton.

image via Jazz Guy on Flickr


3 responses to “Wedding Presents for New York Couples”

  1. hahaha I love this! Bet there's a laundry service to add to the list #newyorkcliche

    1. Oh hell yes – a laundry service or a maid service! OR BOTH!

  2. Truly beautiful wedding presents for couples! Thanks a lot for this wonderful share. We attended a vintage themed wedding at one of vintage wedding venues in LA and bought a beautiful gift from a leading gift store. The couple really liked it.

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