Currently… in May 2016

FEELING:  Exhausted!  I’ve been looking forward to this post for a LONG time, because I feel like so much has changed and everything has gone by so fast!  Like Holy Hell, we have a whole new room in our apartment!  

WATCHING: Sadly, I discovered a whole new season of Say Yes to the Dress I had not yet seen, and spent like basically a whole day (doing chores) and watching that.  I finished season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt and was PISSED – hello, cliffhanger!  

LISTENING TO:  Ugh, I’ve basically stopped listening to music in the mornings because I can’t deal with it.  You have no idea what a shit morning person I am — I basically stomp through my morning routine muttering “I hate everything,” until I get into the office where I’m interning.  I hate waking up, I hate being cold, and I hate commuting.  Things I hate most about commuting: having to hold my pee for an hour to an hour and a half on the trains because it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to forever to get from my area of Brooklyn to BUST’s area of Brooklyn.  No clue.

READING:  Likewise, I have been doing very little reading except when researching things to write about.  Ugh, je suis le worst.  

WORKING ON:  Dude, you should read my friggin’ archives.  I’m so goddamn busy you have no idea.  I’ve written like a million things but here are my top ten favourites, in no particular order: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

THINKING ABOUT:  Lots of “WHY?”  Like, I don’t know if any of you will remember a time when blogging was a meaningful way of sharing thoughts and ideas.  It just occurred to me that I can’t remember the last time I read a “personal blog” that I actually enjoyed.  All the people who I used to enjoy getting to know through their writing…their blogs are all sponsored content now.  I’m not sad, I’m angry.  I feel like I was tricked into caring about writing, personal essays, BLOGGING — and then ditched at the mall by the “cool girls” who’ve moved on and monetized because who gives a damn about writing?  It’s all about that bread now.  This leaves me clutching my silly blog to my chest like a worn-out diary.  Damn.  What happened, blogs?  What happened.

EATING:  I realized the other day that if I were to be autopsied, my stomach contents would be so tragic: KIND bars and prepared Indian food that comes in pouches.  It’s tasty (not the KIND bars, but, well, I’m working full time for $0 so you do what you have to)

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  The little tease of spring we had (before it went back to 40 degrees and rainy) has frozen over my heart.  The building heat doesn’t go on because it’s “too warm,” but it’s not actually warm at all, so I’m shivering on the couch under a blanket, wearing a sweatsuit, and my nose is running — OH, I’m looking forward to not being cold all the time. 

MAKING ME HAPPY:  I love writing.  I love it so damn much.  I love writing jokes over here, I love writing about serious issues on BUST, I love writing.  I’m so happy I get to write all the time.  My dwindling personal savings is the noose dangling over my head, but I love writing so fucking much.  I’m so glad I’m where I am right now.  Check back with me in a month.


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  1. It's Memorial Day. I'm catching up.
    Are you warm enough? O.o

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