Joshua Tree National Park, California


You down with OPV, Other People’s Vacations?  I hope so, because you’re about to get photo-dumped!  I’ve just flown back from California and BOY are my arms tired! 

We stayed in a dome that was decorated like the Brady Bunch vacation hideaway – swinging 60’s baby!  Like Austin Powers’ dome-away-from-dome. 

I love the desert.  Desert and me are like peas and carrots.  Ever since last summer and Reno/Burning Man, I’ve loved the desert.  Love love love it.  And you know how much I love cacti.  And cacti make googly-hearts at me, too!

Gratuitous desert pics ahoy!

Woah!  Bonus for scrolling all the way to the bottom!  You thought I was all about that desert, but just before we left California, we hit up Venice Beach and saw the Pacific Ocean!  Here’s a surprise beach shot TOTALLY not staged of the sand at Venice Beach!


3 responses to “Joshua Tree National Park, California”

  1. JEALOUS – this looks sooooo amazing!! Wish we had places like this in the UK I could pop to haha x

    1. Thanks darlin'! The trip was pretty arduous, I was hella jet-lagged actually – but I love the desert!

  2. Never been to Joshua Tree, but lived many years a hosrt distance from Venice Beach. Rarely went to the coast then because the noise from the jets flying overhead from the airport bothered me. I much prefer San Luis Obispo County beaches. They are more peaceful and scenic.

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