5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Wishes

Okay so I already got ONE Christmas present this year from my mom: it’s a Soda Stream.  And I love it so much I couldn’t possibly want anything more!  Oh except maybe…

1.  My dad to sing carols off-key  He does this high-pitched, airy yodel?  Jury’s still out whether he’s putting us on or if that’s *really* his singing voice, like that chick in A Chorus Line “It isn’t intentional!”-“She’s doing her best!”  His favourite song is this Chipmunks song, and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without his voice cracking on the “I still want a hula hoop!” part.

Makin’ faces last Christmas

2.  My puppy’s health  (I shouldn’t call him a puppy, he’s an old man!)  He’s been having health problems and I haven’t seen him in a while and I worry, y’know?  It breaks my heart to think he’s getting older, and I haven’t been around.  I just want to see him doing well.

3.  My boyfriend’s raspy laugh  is rare, and precious.  The kind where his eyes make a thousand crinkles all down the side of his face and his lower lip curls up cuz his smile stretches his mouth so wide and he gasps for air because he’s laughing so hard.  I WANT THAT.

4.  A DERMATOLOGIST APPOINTMENT  four months ago, when I saw a doctor, I made an appointment to see a dermatologist for my painful and stubborn acne.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, but my appointment would be on the 28th of December.  Here’s hoping, I’ve waited so long.  UPDATE:  I just got my insurance reinstated!  I am SET to go!!


5.  My mom’s Roberson tree  this has become a tradition in the last couple of years, and this year it’s EVEN BETTER!  The Roberson is a science museum attached to a historic mansion BUT WAIT, it gets EVEN BETTER!  During the Holidays, local community organizations sponsor diorammas explaining Christmas traditions around the world AND THEN, local businesses and groups will sponsor a tree and decorate it!  My MOM decorated a tree for her librarian organization and made all the ornaments so I HAVE to go see my mom’s tree!  Oh, if you think I’m crafty, my mom is an ARTISTE!  I can’t wait to see her tree!


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