Brooklyn’s Best Bloody Marys

If your 20’s are all about mimosas, then your 30’s are the decade you finally appreciate the boldness of the Bloody Mary.  Clearly the more sophisticated of the brunch cocktails, the best ones come with a kick and so much garnish you can’t even find your straw.  If you’re brunching down Brooklyn-way, consider these spots for exemplary Bloody Marys (and oh yeah food too I guess).

For classic Bloody Mary goodness:  Cafe Colette

79 Berry Street, Williamsburg

Not too spicy, not too fancy, not too strong – whoops!  Cancel that last one!  This is my favourite place to get just buzzed enough that I can’t walk a straight line home.  The overall ambiance of this place is so breezy and cool, and I’m in love with their egg dish with the – whatchacallem – TOMATOES!  Yeah, the eggs with the tomatoes baked in.  Real good.  Coffee on point, too – order one of those while you’re at it!  One in each hand – coffee and Mary!  That’s what you got two hands fer, anyway!

For fancy-pants gourmet Bloodys:  Manhattan Inn
632 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

Harry Potter fans, you’re gonna love this place.  Not only is the general ambiance of the back room like a speakeasy out of Hogsmeade (what IS that hanging from the ceiling above the piano, anyway?), the seats and benches are all repurposed from an old school…in a castle, perhaps?  Woah, this drink just hit me.  Anyway, speaking of Potions Class, do you even know what that squiggly thing sticking out of your drink is?  IT’S A SNAPE!  Yes, it’s actually a pickled SNAPE.  SNAPE!!!  Like the Harry Potter!  Speaking of Potions Class….I may be drunk.

For award-winning WTF hell YES:  Lucky Luna
167 Nassau Ave at Diamond Street, Greenpoint

Yes, I may be partial to this one because it’s stumbling distance walking distance to my apartment.  You know how they say Some Like It Hot?  Well, if you’re “some,” you’ll love this place.  Their pozole is so spicy, it will bring about catharsis.  No, I’m not crying, it’s just so spicy!  And so good!  Oh and speaking of spicy, that’s kimchi in the Bloody Mary!  Just try not to eat all the garnish as soon as it arrives on the table – don’t do it, man!  You’ll spontaneously combust into flames!  Daredevil?  Order the pozole extra hot with this drink – but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.  Hey.  It’s been nice knowing you.

Brooklyn is BIG.  Like, really big, says this slightly inebriated Bloody Blogger.  What’re your favourite Bloody Mary Brunch spots?  Tell me because I’m gonna go there and get one-drink-drunk at ’em!

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