Small Town Charm: Owego & Corning, NY

When you live in The Biggest City On Earth (well, at least The Most Important Big City On Earth), sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all.  That’s why Brooklyn exists!  J/K Brooklyn, you know I love ya, betch.  So when I go upstate to visit family, I always insist on stopping in my favourite little “Small Towns.”

First up, the unbeatable Owego, NY.  I’ve spoken before about this beautiful little riverside haven and its humble charms, for a reason:  it’s the perfect little town.  If I was banned from the New York City area, for some reason (shrug emoji) I would live here as my second choice.  Even on dreary days, it radiates sweetness and calm and comfort.

inhaling old book smell at Riverow Books

gnomes gnalore at Hand of Man

white-chocolate devilled eggs at Fuddy Duddy’s

Next stop on the Upstate Grand Tour is Corning, NY.  Home of the UNMISSABLE Old World Cafe & Ice Cream (seriously, seafood chowder? Marry me) which is almost piece-by-piece rebuilt from an old ice cream parlour from the 1880’s. 

Home to delicious lunches and unbeatable sunshine selfies:

big lunch necessitates stroll down Market Street

I was so in love with everything at Mint Velvet – I ran back and forth screaming
“Look at this!  Look at this!”
Then I got overwhelmed and just took a picture of the stairs.
Like you do.

Moose.  Cardigan.
What’s not to love?

I scanned every shelf at Mecca Books looking for their science fiction –
then, behold, all the way in the back, this display.
And I knew I had found my place.
(bought me a new Heinlein novel, too!)

Last, but certainly not least,
a visit to Corning is never complete without saying hello to the guy I like to call Brickface.

When we say hello to this thoughtful guy, we must pause to ponder when we can come back again to see these sweet Upstate New York towns with their charms and allure…


2 responses to “Small Town Charm: Owego & Corning, NY”

    • Yes! I'm even having a hard time choosing now – it was kind of dreary and cold in Owego, so my Corning pictures are all sunshine, making it my favourite this time but gah! So hard to choose!

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