5 Fandom Friday: Black Magic Woman

This week’s prompt is “5 Magical Items I Would Love to Own.”  I’m not actually sure what that even means.  Are these items that contain magic?  Is this asking about Magic: The Gathering?  I’m not sure.  So here’s me answering the prompt to the best of my ability:

1.  Salt Lamp  someone – okay, it was the internet – told me that these are magical.  That they promote like, sleep and deep breathing and relaxation or something?  I just think they look REALLY COOL and it would be awesome to have one in the bedroom for that super-flattering pink light winky winky.

2.  Sage & Incense  I’m already an incense addict AS IT IS, but my boyfriend’s place has this little wood chip incense that you light, it smells super strong, and it goes out on its own.  I think this is AMAZING and everyone’s bathroom needs one.

3.  Novena Candles  I normally try to get the ones without the pictures on them, so my house doesn’t look like a Madonna video or Southern California tattoo shop.  I love these candles for their superior light and they last FOREVER.  That’s kind of the point.  I once went to a bar that had these layered – all white – in the fireplace and it was the coolest thing!  They are A MUST for relaxing baths!

4.  Crystals  a part of me will always believe in crystals.  Don’t tell anyone.  Remember those stretchy bead bracelets of semi-precious stones?  Oh they were so cool.  I bought that whole line and sinker about my hematite bracelet protecting me, my tiger’s eye boosting creativity, and the rose quartz bringing happiness into my life.  I still kinda believe it.

5.  Maneki-neko  WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE LUCKY CATS, that’s what I want to know?  I found out what they were called during a session for my chest piece.  Making conversation with my tattoo artist, I worked up the nerve to ask what those lucky cats are called and she told me “Maneki-neko.” Me:  “Maneni-keko?” “Maneki-neko.” Me (under the needle, trying to sort it out): “Maneko-neki?”  Her (still tattooing me): “Maneki-neko.”  Me:  “AH!  Maneki-neko!”  and that’s the story of how I learned how to pronounce Maneki-neko.  Learn something to distract yourself from pain, you’ll never forget it. 

8 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Black Magic Woman”

    • Ugh, with you on the "sleep" thing. I can fall asleep, it's STAYING asleep that's hard! When did sleeping become so difficult?! Herbal teas and sound machines and absolute darkness and cooling fans…I used to be able to sleep through anything. Now, a worrysome meeting the next day ruins my sleep! HELP!

    • YES! My apartment building constantly smells thanks to my pothead neighbours, and the only thing that makes it better is incense! "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" Seriously, it's bad. But the smell is calming to me so under the patchouli I hardly even notice if Cheech and Chong in #3 are at it again 😉

    • Isn't it just the coolest? My boyfriend's apartment has one in the bathroom and it makes me love pooping at his place WHAT?!? I just said that on the internet. Seriously though, girls don't poop.

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