5 Fandom Friday: RIDES RIDES RIDES

I LOVE RIDES.  I LOVE RIDES.  I LOVE RIDES.  I love getting in line all cocky, totally sure of yourself, trying to show off for your friends how cool and brave you are and then feeling, as the coaster goes up, that you are certainly going to die and this was a horrible mistake and never again you stupid fool.  But I’ll probably go on it again, if you nudge me in the ribs and whine “Come ON!” so who’s the fool here, huh?

1.  Pirate Ship (or Viking Ship)  you KNOW the one I mean.  That giant swinging ship that you sit and and go baaaaaack and foooooorth and scream EEEEEEEEE and OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!  First time around, I sit in the middle because I’m not brave enough for the ends…yet.  But maybe on the second go…

2. Polar Express  yeah, it’s a fast circle.  It’s also loads of fun!  The lights, the blaring music, being squished into your friend thanks to centrifugal force…I’ve never not had fun on this ride.  It’s just going really fast!  How could that not be fun??

3.  Bumper Cars  …I am a GREAT DRIVER, do you hear me, mother?  I’m a very cautious, considerate driver…that is, until I get behind the wheels of a bumper car.  Then WATCH OUT because I am OUT FOR BLOOD. 

4.  The Wonder Wheel  but NOT, and I cannot stress this enough, NOT THE ROCKING CARS.  I went in a rocking car one time after a day of drinking at the dive bar on the boardwalk and eating fried clams and the first time that car rocked me back off the edge of the world so high up, I nearly pooed myself from fear.  However, the Wonder Wheel has such good memories for me!  I loved taking my family and friends up there, and it really is the most romantic place at Coney Island to trap your sweetie up on top of the wheel and try to snog ‘im.

5.  The Cyclone  I’m not sure, even as I type this, if I really like The Cyclone or just the idea of The Cyclone.  Those narrow cars bash your hips into your friend and I catch a little too much G on this but I’ll ride it again – if only for the braggin’ rights!

the second after this was taken, I started to regret getting on the ride entirely…

Honorable mention goes to The Swings…ahh, the swings!  I went on the swings at night in Luna Park last summer and they went just a little too high for my liking, but the views were unbeatable!

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