Currently…in February 2015

FEELING:  Excited!  February has my second-favourite holiday – Valentine’s Day!  As a (usually hopeless) romantic, I’m a sucker for chocolate and hearts and chocolate and roses and chocolate and love songs and chocolate!  During February, everything red and pink is VALENTINES!!!  Lovey-dovey and sweet and perfect and I’m thrilled!

WATCHING:  I just got all caught up on South Park and am eagerly and patiently awaiting Season Seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I have a Pandora station called “Badass Bitches” with Liz Phair, Courtney Love, Fiona Apple, and other 90’s and riot grrl songstresses.  It’s actually really soothing to listen to screaming angry feminists!

I just finished In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, and while I actively loathed the book, I couldn’t put it down!  Weird, huh?  I guess it’s a “love to hate” book.  I also recently went to a Geek Girls Brunch which got me so excited about reading more comics!  I devoured Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, and I’m thinking about taking the plunge into Saga next.  Recommends?

WORKING ON:  I made a pretty intense to-do list at the beginning of the year, and I’m happy to say I’ve been making real progress on it!  I’m working on securing employment for next year, and I’ve set some pretty lofty career goals for myself that I’m excited to work towards!

Valentine’s Day like ALL THE TIME.  I’m also always preoccupied with work, for better or worse.  And I’ve been really thinking seriously about my life as well – thinking about what I want and how to get it.  You know, serious adulting stuff.

EATING:  My current obsession is Peanut M&Ms, but I’ve been making kale salads for work.  And Chex cereal – it’s all gluten-free now!  But if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be seeing loads of photos of eggs, to be sure.  Huevos rancheros at Il Caffe Latte in my neighborhood are a Sunday tradition ’round these parts!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Valentine’s Day!  It’s my second-favourite holiday, and I’ve already bought most of my Valentines to send out to friends!  Every bit of red and pink I see in stores is like electricity in my bloodstream.  I love all the cheesy stuff about Valentine’s Day, and I’m so excited to celebrate it this year (it also coincides with a week-long break from school, which doesn’t hurt matters, either!).

My Wii is hooked up again, and I’m loving losing MarioKart and Wii bowling to my boyfriend – and then schooling him at Just Dance!  The kids at school are starting to warm up to me, and having friends makes all the difference! 


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