Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Spicy Hummus

Trader Joe’s Smooth & Creamy Spicy Hummus

Tastes Like:  Garlic – very strongly of garlic with a jalapeno aftertaste.

Great With:  The usual vegetable suspects:  caulifower, yellow pepper, and carrots.  Of course, you can get fancy with Trader Joe’s Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips – or you can lick it off your fingers because who does THAT amirite?

Perfect For:  You know how they say “some like it hot”?  In case you think you might like it hot but aren’t sure if you like it that hot, this hummus is a good place to start.  In my opinion, this is less spicy than other spicy hummuses out there by a country mile.  Less pure heat, more flavour!  But isn’t that what you really want, anyway?

Must Know:  Kosher, gluten-free, and somehow not vegan.  I know!  I read all the ingredients twice and can’t figure out how this hummus isn’t vegan.  It’s totally beyond me but if you’re a vegan who eats hummus, watch out, I guess.

$2.99 – acceptably affordable for hummus, I should think.  And perhaps it’s an optical illusion of the container, but I feel like you get MORE hummus with TJ than other leading brands of similar texture (cough Sabra cough) – however, it’s only a deal if you manage not to eat the entire container at once while hovering over the cupboard but who does THAT amirite….


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