Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Gluten-Free Joe-Joes

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Joe-Joes

Tastes Like:  Exactly like Oreos!  Exactly like Oreos!  The perfect crumbly texture, the cream, everything!  These cookies NAIL IT and the result is amazing!

Great With:  Coffee in the morning, decaf chai at night, a dish of ice cream (deluxe!) and er, milk, probably.

Perfect For:  Gluten-free DIRT PUDDING!  If you read the words “dirt pudding” and went “huh?” then I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry about that childhood that you never had.  Dirt Pudding is a cup of chocolate pudding with crushed-up Oreo pieces and gummy worms!  There are variations:  dirt cake, for example, is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and worms.  I suppose creative folk could substitute other gummy vermin and have the same result, but the classic is still classic for a reason.

Must Know:  As an Oreo lover, I am thrilled about these cookies being gluten-free and easily available!

$3.99 per box, which isn’t so unlike the cost of a regular box of Oreos.  It’s not the deep discount we have come to expect from Trader Joe’s vs. Other Grocery Stores, but finding gluten-free products is not easy and these are a treasure.


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