To Cap It Off

When the weather gets colder, it’s time for hats!  Looking good in hats is a special talent of mine (don’t scoff – it takes a lot of work to pull off a good hat!) and on top of that (heh, hat pun?) hats serve the secondary purpose of disguising the fact that you’ve been too busy working two jobs six days a week to touch up your roots.  Oops.  Secret’s out.  Might as well share this secret with you:

Most Basic Bitch Beanie Ever

Vannah’s Choice yarn – pick yo colours – I like “fall jewel tones”
size 11  16″ circular needles

Cast on 64 stitches if you have an itty bitty head.  Normal-headed folks might need 70-72 for their oversized noggins.  Weirdos.

Knit 40 rows (changing colour as desired.  I did 10 rows of green, 5 red, 5 green, 5 purple, 5 green, 5 gray, 5 green)

For the next 12 rows, alternate knit & purl stitches to make a ribbed pattern.  This is a great video for help if you need it:

Bind off, add a pompon to the top, and you’re done!  This hat took me all of two days to complete, and most of that was either at work, on the subway, or drunkenly watching Sailor Moon (ya break my heart, Endymion!).  I finished it three weeks ago and have been pretty much living in it ever since – only taking it off to sleep of (reluctantly) to bathe.  Go forth and be adorable!

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