Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Pure Organic Bars

Pure Organic Cherry Cashew & Chocolate Brownie Bars

Tastes Like:  Rich, sticky, gooey delicious dessert that’s actually good for you!  The cherry cashew flavour tastes like gnawable, portable pie filling. and the brownie – do I even need to say it?  Okay, imagine Little Debbie walnut brownies, but denser and richer.  Now make them a million times better for you.  I like the taste of that.

Great With:  I bet a glass of cold milk would make both of these a little more indulgent, but I’m usually savoring them on a park bench in the middle of one of my ramblin’ adventures.

Perfect For:  Tossing into your purse or backpack in case of sudden Snack Attack.  They seem to hold their shape fairly well, and not discorporate like some granola bars after spending a week or so at the bottom of your favourite catch-all satchel.

Must Know:  Gluten-free, vegan, kosher, organic.  Why, only an Airitarian* would have a problem with these!

* Airitarians are people who only consume air and air products

They do, however, seem to be comprised mostly of nuts, an astonishing amount of nuts and nut butters, but if you’re allergic, then, NUTS to you!  More for me!

$1.49 per bar.  I’ve only seen these sold on an individual basis, but would buy a box in a heartbeat if I could find them anywhere (anywhere else that is, ha ha, I’d never cheat on you, Joe!  You know that!)  That may seem steep, but compared to other specialty bars for people who Don’t Eat Any Gluten, Meat, Dairy, or Anything Else Ever and worry about what they’ll do if they get stuck somewhere and can’t find sustenance, $1.49 for a sustaining and mind-blowingly delicious meal-on-the-go isn’t too shabby, now, is it?

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