Currently… in September 2014

FEELING:  I’m going to let my feet answer this one: THEY HURT!  Work has been keeping me hopping from one job to the next and I’m soaking my feet and taping the band-aids on but it feels like I’m stepping on shards of glass everywhere I go!
WATCHING:  absolutely nothing at the moment!  As I have mentioned, my computer won’t turn on (I’m going to get it looked at) and the TV hasn’t been plugged in for months.  I don’t miss it one bit!
LISTENING TO:  my usual Pandora suspects but with some Cat Stevens thrown in.  that makes jazz, singer/songwriter, and new wave the top hits of this past month.  
READING:  I just finished To Sail Beyond the Sunset, another (duh) Heinlein novel and it ripped the heart out of me.  I had weird dreams and everything.  The day the plot took a sad turn, I snapped at everyone and everything.  My soul gets too involved with Heinlein, so I’ve been alternating him with some of the Culture novels by Iain M. Banks – last month I enjoyed The Player of Games and last week I started in on Matter.  they’re a bit speedier than Heinlein and I don’t have weird dreams (phew!)
WORKING ON:  ay, there’s the rub.  I usually knit when I’m watching TV, so now that that’s not happening, my knitting progress is at a standstill!  I am working on organizing my wardrobe and storage and cleaning out my closet while fixing/repurposing things I no longer use. it’s almost scarf weather!  I had better get back on my knitting horse!!!
THINKING ABOUT:  why I can’t seem to sleep.  how well can we really know ourselves? and what I should dress up as for Halloween!
EATING:  raw zucchini pasta and smoothies!  I’ve been trying out new smoothie places all over town.  the spiral veggie machine makes it so easy to make zucchini spaghetti…maybe I should invest in a blender to make smoothies at home, too?
LOOKING FORWARD TO:  well, Halloween, obviously.  NYCC, even though I’m only going on Friday (boo).  cooler fall weather for scarves and jackets!  and all the flavors that come with fall like caramel apple, pumpkin spice, cider, etc etc!
MAKING ME HAPPY:  live Nirvana and Foo Fighters songs on Pandora, mellocreme pumpkins, long walks, buying rings on amazon (don’t judge), reading on the train, and my swishy new hairdo!


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