Trader Joe's Tuesday: Coconut Strips

Trader Joe’s Coconut Strips

Tastes Like:  Coconut gummy candy, coconut jerky, everything that is good in the world.  they remind me of chewy macaroons.  THEY’RE ADDICTIVE.

Great With:  yogurt at breakfast time, tea at bedtime.  These would make a great “leave in your drawer at work” snack but they won’t last long.  they are AMAZING.  or bring them to a picnic, toss them in a purse…

Perfect For:  the slender but sturdy shape makes me think they’d make awesome cocktail garnishes, for some reason.  I could even see chopping them up into diced cubes and throwing them into a trail mix.

Must Know:  Three ingredients, and a warning on the label:  contains coconut.

Costs:  $1.99 for a bag which allegedly contains four servings’ worth, but these are so scrumptiously addictive, they will probably be gone in one night.  I ate my first bag before I had a chance to photograph it, so the picture above is of my second bag.  yes, I had to buy it AGAIN just to properly review it for you folks.  the things I do for you guys!


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