#tbt Ring-A-Ding DONG

27 April 2010

Guys, I really need a vacation.  Like really really REALLY.  I need to get the hell outta dodge, away from these stupid tourists, and my heart longs to go all the way across the ocean, back to Europe.  In April 2010 I was in Amsterdam, where the sun shone, tulips bloomed, french fries were served with copious mayonnaise and local landmarks like The Cockring just begged to become photo ops for shitty, gawking tourists like myself.  What a dork I was.  Check that thought:  maybe I should cut these NY tourists some slack.


One response to “#tbt Ring-A-Ding DONG”

  1. Cut them NO slack!!!! That Cockring picture is amazing! I took a picture in front of a liquor store in NH way back when called The Bunghole. Still funny.

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