The Epic Shrug / Bolero / Shawl

Fee fi fo fum, Yes, I’m a Pinterest troll.  While trolling the Pinterest, I saw this beautiful multi-way shawl / shrug / bolero thing in denizgunes’s Etsy shop :

And it looked easy enough.

^  and those were her famous last words.

But, having a shit-ton of time on my hands and with the weather being…weather…I thought “Hey, I could accomplish this!”  So I bought four skeins of Vanna’s Choice in Olive (spoiler alert: I used less than three.  OH CUTE!  Less than three.  Get it?!), cast on thirty stitches onto size 11.5 US needles, and garter-stitched until my hands were raw.

They are literally RAW, but by the end of it, and after trying it on numerous times to get the sizing right, I made my own version.  It’s not as pretty and polished as denizgunes, but I rather like it.  It feels rather punk/grunge, or like something one might wear when it gets chilly in the Shire.  Or Serenity. 

I suck at taking self-timer photos.  The one above was balancing in my fruit bowl between two apples.

It can be worn multiple ways, but I found I prefer criss-crossing it behind my back.  This serves two purposes:

1.  It keeps my shoulders extra warm, and
2.  It shows off my badass ink, duh.

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