“Net” Your Average Love Story

Has anyone noticed that Netflix seems…a little different these days?  That all of our standby romantic comedies of the Meg Ryan ouevre are suddenly missing?  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what are we supposed to watch, swaddled in flannel and spooning Ben & Jerry’s listlessly into our kissless lips?

Here are some suggestions for quirky, new love stories!


I Give It A Year (2013) – only Anna Faris’ dubious “performance” is a downer in this lighthearted piece about a pair of British newlyweds who find themselves lusting after their American friends.  Only problem is, gasp, they’re married!  The rest of this movie is an envelope-pushing laugh riot.
Must Watch If:  You love Love, Actually but you actually don’t feel like sobbing to the Bay City Rollers this year…actually.


Populaire (2013) – Mad Men meets Secretary meets Amelie in this delightful little gem about a French typist and her rich and handsome boss.  The couple oozes chemistry on screen in this transportative number, set in the 1950’s in provincial France.  Ooh la la!
Must Watch If:  your at-work crush isn’t panning out just like you’d hoped.  Hey!  There’s always Monday morning after Valentine’s Day!…for discount chocolate truffles, that is.


Love in the Time of Money (2002) star-studded vignettes that will probably make you more depresses about love than you already were to begin with, watching movies at home on Valentine’s Day whose camera work looks like the lead cinemetographer failed his freshman year of film school and transferred to dental school.
Must Watch If:  you’ve ever thought “You know, Steve Buschemi is actually kinda hot.”

So what flavour ice cream are we eating for our Valentine’s Day movie marathon?  I’ve picked up strawberry, made with coconut milk.  Just in case.  Always have a backup plan!

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