No Mo Snow

My poor, beloved NYC is suffocating under a mountain of snow.

It seems like every two days there is a huge, major storm, and I can’t help but recall that scene from The Day After Tomorrow where the Statue of Liberty is poking out from under a frozen wasteland.  Never saw the film, mind, because that one image in the previews was so damn terrifying…and now I’m living it.

I mean, can you even SEE the buildings anymore?!  We’re getting pushed out!  Nature is taking back what was rightfully hers!  A new ice age is upon us!

You can actually SEE this abominable snow falling in the photo above.  And look at that pathway…all slush and muck!  I got new boots for Christmas and they’ve already given up trying to keep out the winter horribleness!  Every sidewalk is an ice rink!  Every curb is a frozen lake!  One can practically see Rose and Jack floating by on a piece of driftwood vowing to “Never let go” !  It’s a disaster!

But come August, we’ll be looking wistfully at these pictures and sighing “Wasn’t that nice and cold?  I sure do miss all that nice, refreshing snow!”

Mercurial folks that we are, New Yorkers.


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  1. Girl, I hear ya. Here in Chicago I'm tired of it too. I mean, if it's going to be this cold we might as well have snow… but can it be warm again please? I feel like Olaf in Frozen dreaming of summer.

    1. All this snow makes me miss when it was just cold! I fell down the other day on ice and I N E V E R fall down! I was wearing winter boots too! At least in the sub-zero cold, you could run from place to place. Now you have to watch your step. Everything moves so SLOWLY and "slow" is NOT in the New York Dictionary!

  2. It is my dream to visit NY in the snow! It looks so pretty, but I can imagine that enough is enough now. We haven't had any snow here in the south east of England yet this winter, but it's probably coming at some point, it always does. And I'm dreading it! It's pretty for about half a day, then it's just a pain in the ass and stops you from going where you've got to go.

    Stay safe lady, wishing you warm thoughts :o)


    1. Yeah, "pretty for half a day and then you can't go anywhere" basically sums up the snow here, too. These park shots are all lovely and that, but as soon as you set foot in the streets, you find that every sidewalk is ice and every curb is flooded, cars are careening in the slush, and everything is filthy brown and wet. It's like tromping through sewage and oh yeah it smell like sewage, too, thanks to the horse-drawn buggies around the park. Enjoy your no-snow while you can!!!

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