Blogtember #12: The September Issue

Today’s Blogtember prompt calls for “only photos.”  I wanted to get a little meta with it:  take photos of photos.

See, my friend Matt and I always get together in the beginning of the fall to share Pumpkin Spice Frapps and ogle the September issues of the big fashion magazines.  And then he moved away.  He got a new job (yay!) and I’m super busy with work so we haven’t been able to get together this year to carry out the tradition.  Therefore, I am posting my half of the conversation we would be having about this magazine here for his enjoyment – and maybe even yours.  Love ya, Matt! 

First, let’s make “Winter’s Bone” puns about how hot J.Lawr looks on the cover.

The economy must be tough, Prada couldn’t even hire a hairdresser with a proper blow-dryer.  Aww.

Note to self:  Rock This Look.  Rock It Hard.

Her hair, Burberry, those bangs, you’re killing me!

“Ohmigod, Cecily, I can’t believe you remembered to pack a neckerchief but forgot the Dramamine AGAIN!”

MAC, Elizabeth Taylor called, she wants her va-va-voom back.

FIRE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, Marc Jacobs.  There is no excuse for blurry photos like this.  Meryl would never stand for this, if she was in charge.  Yes, that was maybe the most obscure Devil Wears Prada reference ever, but we know how Matty loves Meryl.  Thanks for taking the journey with me!

2 responses to “Blogtember #12: The September Issue”

  1. I was actually a little disappointed with this year's September issue! It's like the holy grail of mail days, but this one left me a little meh. There weren't any of those ads that make you go "Ooooooh, preeettty!" and remember them for ages.

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