I am, as we speak, cutting my wisdom tooth.  Again.

The cashier at Trader Joe’s put it best when he said “Every six month is indescribable pain, then it goes away and you forget to deal with it.”  Basically.  In the end, though, he opted to have his pulled out to end the cycle.  I don’t have insurance, so I get to lie around writhing in pain.
I’m really glad I was a baby last time and don’t remember this, because it absolutely SUCKS.  I’ve been taking fistfuls of Advil, squirting Orajel into my mouth, and downing both with big gulps of cheap wine just to dull the pain.  You know it’s bad when you look at chewing toys intended for babies and think “Maybe – just maybe – that’s not a half-bad idea.”
29 and still teething.

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  1. I went through that. At the end of last year I had all four of mine pulled at once because they were growing in almost completely sideways. I don't have insurance either. So there was a lot of physical and financial pain involved. And I was looking at things to make the pain bearable too. Pretty much alcohol is the only thing that helped. Also trying to numb your mouth by eating lots of ice cream.

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