I had a dream a few weeks ago that left me feeling devastated.

I dreamed I called off my wedding the day it was to happen.  I couldn’t go through with it, it didn’t feel right.

I looked into the eyes of the man I supposed I would marry, and said, “Please don’t hate me, but I can’t marry you.”

He sprouted tears and I held his head to my chest so I didn’t have to look in his eyes.  Then, I took a deep breath and continued:

“It gets worse…we can’t be together anymore.”

Little did I know, I’d soon find myself in the position of having to deal bad news to someone I love very dearly in order to spare their feelings.

It is so very, very hard to recover from a broken heart.
I didn’t realize it would also be this hard to break one.
I guess I learned a measure of forgiveness.

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  1. This is a sad part of life. What I don't understand is the people who DO break hearts and have no feeling at all. The fact that it was difficult for you, speaks volumes to the kind person you are.

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