I’ve been absent for a few days to visit my hometown.  Ah, home – where nothing ever changes but everything’s different.  I managed to meet up for coffee with an old friend, buy a completely new summer wardrobe for about $20, and nearly get kicked out of WAL*MART for running around at 8am gasping and giggling at their unbelievably low prices.  Seriously.  They say “unbelievable low prices,” but if you’re used to spending $10 on St. Ives’ Apricot scrub and see it there for $2.97, you might need an automatic defibrillator which is okay because they have those too…for 30% less than you’d pay in the city.  Anyways, once I find my feet beneath me I’ll regale you of my adventures, til then, it’s back to work!


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  1. "Ah, home – where nothing ever changes but everything's different. "

    That truly sums it up perfectly!

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